Artist Statement

I strive to live and breathe art on a daily basis. Art has always played a big role in my life and I continue to hone in on my craft while also challenging the Eurocentric standards of beauty. What started out as a hobby during my youth has turned into a career filled with new challenges, rewards and most importantly, opportunities. I am certain that I have found my calling and believe that I am doing my part toward bridging the gap between art and design. Whether it be graphic design, illustration, photography or fiber arts, I am on a mission to master of all of these different mediums. In this industry, it is important that you show how you can execute your thoughts and ideas in a variety of different ways, all the while remaining true to the brand and who you are. Clients come to me because they have witnessed or heard about the “Jaleel Aesthetic”. My style is composed of many intricate shapes, along with sleek lines and an assortment of color. Although busy, my work reflects not only my personality, it also reflects the brand that I am constantly refining.

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