Collective Display Art Show



The Collective Display art show was formed following my freshman year of college. Having learned many new methods, I wanted to put them to use in a way that would serve the community that allowed me to get to where I am today. I wanted to not only showcase my work, but I also sought other young, Syracuse-based artists to join me to create a culture that cultivated diversity and diligence.

The event provides an innovative approach to the traditional art gallery by generating a new kind of fluidity that engages all senses of those in attendance. Our work and the accompanying atmosphere will draw attention to and appreciation for the positive aspects of the Central New York culture.

After the group was assembled, we were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to demonstrate our abilities by transforming the 754 barbershop into an art gallery that saw a turnout of well over 150 people for two consecutive years. In the three years I have curated the event, there has been a steady rate of growth in both community involvement and anticipation for the future of the initiative. Our 2016 show brought in a crowd of well over 350 people, something that truly shows there is an interest among the Syracuse community to implement more initiatives such as this one. Be on the lookout for our next show in 2018!

For more pictures from our last show, Click Here